Kashmiri Carpets

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Kashmiri Carpets are world-famous for their beautiful hand-woven designs traditional as well as modern, intricate embroidery, colors and the material used. These are so beautiful that people more often buy them for floors and end up hanging them on walls.

Designs: Again the natural beauty influences like ever it does on artisan , to culminate into the reflection in his art. Kashmiri carpets show beauty and color combination that looks so natural and aesthetically appealing yet known by the traditional names- ” Art Goda“, “Dabba Daar“, “Phool Daar” etc. But most of the carpet names have retained their Persian names that were the names of the places of their origin in Persia – Hamdaan, Isfahaan, Qum, Kashaan etc. You can choose from variety of designs and colors depending upon your choice and the purpose. But the process could be really bewildering as to choose from the treasure that is all to be amassed than to be chosen from.


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3'x2', 4'x2'6", 5'x3', 6'x4', 7'x5', 10'x8', 12'x9', 14'x10', 15'x12', 18'x12'


Art Goda, Dabba Daar, Phool Daar, Hamdaan, Isfahaan, Qum, Kashaan


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