Kahawat – Kashmiri Proverbs

Dive into the heart of Kashmiri culture and you’ll find a treasure trove of wisdom nestled within its proverbs. These succinct phrases carry centuries of insight, reflecting the experiences and values of generations past. Let’s unravel the richness of Kashmiri wisdom:

1. halen ba:nan vukr’ tha:n, hivis hiviy samkha:n
‘The twisted pots have twisted lids.’
One meets the people of his/her own interests.
(‘Birds of the same feather flock together.’)

2. naras khar t kharas nar
A human being gets a donkey (as a companion) and a donkey gets a human being. ( ‘One gets a partner just opposite to
his/her expectations.’)

3. tsun:this vuchith tsun:th rang rata:n
‘An apple gets its colour from another apple.’

4. a:yi va:nis t gayi kan:dris
‘(She) came to visit the shopkeeper but went to visit a baker instead’.

5.“mo:j, vohava:n chumn kan:h.”
“potr vati peth beh.”

‘Mother, no one abuses me.’
‘Son, go and sit on the road.’

6. aik’ tsot sum t sa:s gov kli.
One man cut the bund/barrage, and a thousand people fell into the river.

7. Ak’ tshõ:nd duniya: t beyi ak’ yi:ma:n;
duniya: t yi:ma:n chin dnvay athi yiva:n.
One man sought the world, and another sought for faith.
The world and faith both do not go hand in hand.

8. Aik’sund kasiya:n beyi sund gza:
One person’s vomit is another’s food.
Someone lives on the leftovers of others

9. Aik’ sund daza:n aab, t beyi sund n doza:n ti:l
One man can burn water, whereas another cannot even burn oil. A matter of luck.

10. Akis daza:n dae:r t b’a:kh chus vušna:va:n ath
One man’s beard is on fire, and another man warms his hands on it. To take advantage of someone’s misery.

11. Aich ko:n’ ja:n t vath ko:n’ n
It is better that the eye be blind than that the way is blind.

12. Aich petth n maech zrvn’
Not to bear a fly on someone’s eye.
To take good care of someone.

13. Aich votsh t ga:šh rus
May your eyes be opened but see nothing. (A curse)
To turn a blind eye to something.

14. Aich hund mniphol a:sun
To be the pupil of one’s eye. To be liked or loved a lot.
To be an apple of someone’s eye

15. Achan pachi ph’ur gatshun
To turn one’s eyes away from someone.
To forget someone’s help

16. Acharva:lav s:t’ kand’ kadin’
To remove thorns from someone with one’s eyelashes.
To love someone deeply. To take good care of someone.

17. Achav andr n’un surm kadith
To take the antimony out of someone’s eyes without letting her/him know. An act of a very cunning person.

18. Ati: šha:h t ati: gada:h.
A king for a moment and a beggar soon after.
One’s fortune can change very fast.

19. Adr zet h’uh aga:di gatshun.
To stick (to something) like a wet cloth.To be very adamant. To keep on insisting. To pester someone.

20. An’ snz klay khda:yas hava:l.
A blind man’s wife is God’s keeping.

21. Anim sy, vavm sy, lajim sy pa:nsy.
I brought the nettle, sowed the nettle, and then the nettlestung me. To be affected by one’s own deeds. Ingratitude.

22. Anis anigati d:ph k’a: kari?
How will a lamp help a blind person in the dark?
A lamp is of no use to a blind man in the dark.

23. Anis muš ha:vn’, na chu gna:h na sava:b
To show one’s fist. to a blind man, is neither a sin nor a virtue. Advice is lost on stupid people.

24. Anis ha:va:n se:ri: vath be:klas n kã:h
Everyone can show the way to a blind man, no body can show the way to a stupid person. It is not possible to guide a stupid person.

25. Andr’ Andr’ tsandrgo:m (va:tun).
To reach Tsandargam (Moon town) village inwardly.
When a person is actually in great distress, but doesn’t show it.

26. Andr daza:n pa:n t nebr daza:n lu:kh.
One burns from within, and outwardly other people do so. A person may shiver in severe cold, but pretend as if he doesn’t. To show off and make others envious.

27. Andrim ša:h andar t nebrim ša:h nebar gatshun.
Inner breath inside and outer breath outside: i.e. to have one’s breath taken away (choked) by some astonishing event.To be wonder struck. To be astonished.

28. Ar’ a:yi s:ri: t or gav n kã:h.
All people came (were born) in good health, but none left (died) healthy.

29. A:šina:v gav po:šina:v.
A relative remains a relative, as long as relations are maintained. You should not take relatives for granted.

30. A:sas maz t yad daz daz.
Delicious to the tongue; fire to the stomach.
Hot food tastes good but is harmful for the stomach.