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Papier-mache – the term originally derived from French word “Papya masha” meaning molded pulp. As the name indicates pulp is the most important ingredient used in the manufacture of papier-mache objects. It is molded by a special technique into all sorts of objects and decorated to the height of art and aesthetics.

You name the object and it is ready in papier-mache with exuberant colors, designs and finesse. Lamps, Flower vases, Jewel boxes, Christmas Balls …. list is endless. Kashmiri papier-mache objects are known world over for their finesse and durability. Exuberant Colors blended in real gold and silver are used to decorate these items and the coating of special varnish protect the surface while the interiors is all made of brass in the items that are meant to contain water like the flower vases. A single Papier-mache object bears a full story of entire kingdom in a pictographic design while most of the flora and fauna show in many designs.

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Pill Box, Meter Box, Coasters, Mirror, Letter Rack, Flower Vase, Lamp, Balls, Bells, Eggs, Animals, Fruit Bowl, Ring Box, Wall Plate


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